Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Sewing Room - My Happy Place!


​First let me say that I have the most incredible husband who is a talented woodworker! It was actually his idea to build me my own sewing studio. Who was I to argue? It's been five years since and I've made a lot of changes since the above wall of shelves were hung. He built me two walls of shelves, then I took it from there. The wall you see above originally held fabric that was wrapped around comic boards. One day I discovered that a couple of them had faded along the folded edge. So I rearranged everything and this is what I came up with. The curtains above hold not so pretty supplies while the shelves hold my colorful things such as scrap fabric, zippers, threads, books, buttons, etc.

​​Here is the other wall of shelves he built me. This area gets a whole lot of use because it's where my embroidery machine does it's work. Notice the wooden "wall" behind the desk? That is a Murphy bed! When my daughter is visiting from out of town, or my granddaughter is spending the night (which she LOVES to do), I just move the desk to the wall at the left, then pull down the bed. Instant bedroom! He even took the legs off that desk and added these heavy duty swivel wheels so that I can move it so easily. There is only one problem, now my granddaughter things this is HER room. But that's OK. I let her think that. In the photo above this one, you'll notice the canvas drawers under the shelves. That's where my granddaughter stores her toys. Another reason she thinks it's her room. This desk is also my ironing area. I don't do very big projects so this does the trick.


I used to keep other supplies in here until I decided to get my fabric off that wall. Now it holds my quilting cottons. My felt, fleece, and other heavier fabric have their own places in my room. I've always loved this cabinet. I bought it about 30 years ago and since then it's served so many different purposes. I do believe this is my favorite!

​Here is where the creativity begins, and the "business" aspect of Sher's Creative Space is done! Since I use a laptop, this cute desk I bought after we built the room serves double duty! I just move the laptop over and sew away. I love the little fabric baskets I put together (above the whiteboard). They are handy to stuff things in. I used a cheap curtain rod and strong 3M removable hooks. I loved them so much that I'm in the process of making some for the bathroom to hang behind the door. As for the closet, that is where I store various odds and ends, as well as my interfacings, batting, fusible fleece, and the not so pretty things.

Here are my corners. They also hold important things from pretty to useful. The wall at the right holds my aprons on some pretty hooks I bought during my last visit with my daughter in San Antonio. It also holds my granddaughters superhero cape. Doesn't every sewing studio need a superhero cape?

Since I do spend a lot of time in here, I need to have a little pretty, as well as some of my favorite things, which include photos of my loved ones. Notice the wooden "SHER" on the top shelf at the left? My awesome husband made that for me too! It's also shown at the bottom of my post.

I used to keep this table behind the door for when I needed extra work space. Since adding the embroidery machine and all its supplies, I end up keeping it up all the time. Well, except when Paige is in HER room.
The most recent addition to my room is this stand up desk. It folds flat for easy storage and is great for when I want to do some work while kicking back in my easy chair too. I figure it's nice to use when I have those days where most of my work will be on the computer. 

Notice the filing cabinet next to the desk and sewing table. I decoupaged old patterns all over it. I bought the filing cabinet at a going out of business sale and it was already assembled, which is was what sealed the deal for me. It was however the ugliest red wood color you've ever seen. 

Cookie sheets are one of my favorites in the sewing studio. These hold my pre-cut fabrics for embroidery. Since I bought the set of three, they store right on top of each other! I also have a set that I use to hold small items when I do "assembly line" sewing, such as ornaments to put on top of Christmas gifts or handmade gift card holders. They are just the handiest!

I even use every inch behind my door! The rosin paper is great for so many things. Occasionally I like to paint on glass as a hobby. I place a huge piece on my desk to protect it. The wrapping paper makes great pattern making paper because of its size. You'll also notice two wooden foldable tables. Those come in hand for so many things, in the studio, in the house, or even out on the deck when have family over and we want to eat outside and we all don't fit around the deck table.

Last but not least are my favorite storage solutions! From upper left clockwise:

Giant glass storage jars to store the colorful stuff. I have lots of those!

Plastic scrapbooking cases that store the 12 x 12 papers are so perfect to store my tiny scraps of fabric, felt, and vinyl.

File folders hold my pre-cut stabilizer. What a time saver!

Never before used garbage cans are perfect for those items that you have to roll up for storage such as interfacings, stabilizers, and vinyl.

Zipper bags of all sizes. OK, this just might be number one on my list! I have them in every size and shape from 2 inches all the way up to 2 gallons. You can fill them up, store them in a drawer and see everything you have in a very organized manner. This is the method I used before I had my own room. No one ever saw my sewing supplies because they were in pretty boxes, baskets, or drawers. When I need something, I can just open a box and see everything at a glance so I can find what I need quickly. Zipper bags were the best things ever invented!

Thread spool holders. These are great. I suppose it's not that clever because that's what they are for, but they are brilliant! I use them for all my sewing and embroidery threads. I have a lot of these.

These wire baskets are just so cute! OK, this wasn't exactly one of my usual cheap or on sale solutions. But I loved them, so I bought them. They are perfect for holding my bigger scraps.

Lastly is the over the door shoe holder. You can use these for everything. I like to store all my ribbon in them. It's like not taking up space at all! If I had all that in a drawer or box, they would take up a lot of space.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing studio, and I hope I've given you some ideas to use for your own sewing studio. If you have an idea that you use, please share it in the comments. We are all looking for more space to store our sewing supplies!

Friday, May 5, 2017

In The Hoop is Ready!

It has been several months in the making, but it's finally ready! Most of you were requesting the mug rug patterns to be In The Hoop, so we started there first. The most popular of the bunch are ready and waiting to be stitched up. They've all been tested, and retested. There are a lot more things to convert over to digital embroidery files, but it all takes time. There will also be individual designs and some fun little vinyl projects. Some are ready to go, just need to get them photographed and listed.

You can find the new line right HERE!

I feel so bad for you first testers. The files you were sent to be tested were early in the game and I had a lot still to learn. You were all so nice, and honest and I learned a lot since then, and I know that I still have even more to learn. I had so many testers that I still haven't finished all the files that were tested. So much to do, and so little time!

So for a very limited time only, I'm celebrating with a 20% OFF coupon code. Be sure to use coupon code ITH20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase.

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